If you are interested in starting Iaido please contact us. You can also see our Beginners' Courses page for current courses.

We ask that you come and watch a session first so that you can see what it is like then after that we can lend you all the necessary equipment such as bokken, jo and belt so that you can give it a try.

Beginners should wear loose, comfortable clothing or if you have an existing martial arts gi or clothing ask us about its suitability for practice.

Unless you are an experienced Iaidoka you will be expected to practice with a bokken (wooden sword) for quite a while until you become proficient enough to progress to an actual sword.

Please note that we can only accept students aged 18 years and over.

Once you have seen a lesson if you are interested in starting training you will need to join the BKA, our governing body. The temporary membership starts at £10 and lasts for 3 months - this will also cover you for insurance.

Please see our location page for class times, prices and location in Sheffield.