Iaido (pronounced: ee-eye-doe) is a traditional martial art that develops skills with a Japanese samurai sword. The art involves the practice of formal kata or preset forms using a blunt Iaito or sharp Shinken. Practice involves learning how to draw the sword, cut and handle the sword in various ways, shake off any imaginary blood and re-sheath the sword in a pre-set way.

The kata are performed from seated or standing positions and represent the movements one would use (and have in fact been used in the distant past by samurai) to defend oneself against a wide variety of attacks by a person or persons armed with a sword. There are over 60 different kata in the style we practice most are short and quick. The practice does not involve "sparring" or contact with another practitioner.

Iaido can be both physically and mentally quite demanding while still retaining much of the tradition, etiquette and culture of ancient Japan.

Gradings and seminars take place several times a year at national level as well as competitions at national and European level.